Have you ever wished that your car looked like it did when it was new? RestorFX can help turn your scratched up or faded vehicle into a shining model that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor–no matter how old your vehicle is!

Located at 4080 North Service Road East, Unit 12, RestorFX brings a new method of paint restoration to the Windsor-Essex region. Differing from traditional detailing and conventional body shops, they use a method called “Paintless Clearcoat Repair” (PCR) that not only repairs scratches and surface damage, but replicates and restores your car’s original paint finish. The extensive prep process guarantees that the finish won’t peel, flake, or delaminate.

RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair technology is a revolutionary process of paint reconditioning that beautifully restores a vehicle to look like new without expensive body shop repainting or temporary detail polishing.

“Receive permanent results that bring the value and integrity of your vehicle’s original finish,” says Pete Kurkcuyan, owner.

The business may have only opened in June 2020, but Kurkcuyan has been providing mobile paint Touchup services for Windsor and Essex counties franchise dealerships for 26 years. He started RestorFX after discovering the PCR technology, which was developed in Vancouver approximately 15 years ago. RestorFX is currently being used in 45 countries, it’s just new to Windsor-Essex. Starting a business during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic may seem risky, but having a great working relationship with most if not all of the major car dealerships, and the auto industry being deemed essential, and the production of new vehicles significantly decreasing, Kurkcuyan says that the value of used cars went up, which in turn made the demand for completely reconditioned pre-owned vehicles selling for a premium.

There are many benefits involved in using RestorFX to restore your vehicle, including no colour or texture match issues, and retaining of the original paint, which means that there is no devaluing of your vehicle!

RestorFX offers a 24-hour turnaround

RestorFX is Windsor’s premier paint restoration shop specializing in the following vehicle services:
• Paint Restoration
• Paint Correction
• Plastic Trim Reconditioning
• Ceramic Coating
• Trim Restoration
• Headlight Restoration
• Paint Touchup

From minivans to classic cars to exotic vehicles and everything in between, just about any vehicle can reap the benefits of RestorFX, even cars with 20-30 year old paint! RestorFX can bring back paint finish at a fraction of the cost compared to complete repainting of your vehicle.

RestorFX is a family-owned business, with Kurkcuyan’s daughter, Jillian, and nephew, Will, joining in on the journey to bring back the shine to your vehicle.

Let RestorFX hit the “reset” button on your vehicle’s paint finish. Give them a call at 519-816-1877, or visit them at 4080 North Service Rd. East in Windsor to get started. www.restorfxwindsor.com