Introducing the all-new, all electric 2022 BMW i4. A cutting edge electric vehicle taking the world of automotive innovation by storm.

When it comes to electric vehicles, BMW has proven themselves to be a leader in the game. Discover the BMW i4, the first-ever fully-electric Gran Coupé, which delivers outstanding dynamics with a high level of comfort. Guaranteed to please, the extraordinary performance and preliminary estimated range of 475 kilometres, the BMW i4 is an ideal companion for long-distance journeys. Electromobility is the future, and BMW i4 comes complete with an efficient drivetrain concept, lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and a powerful high-voltage battery, all packaged together with innovative technologies such as brake energy recovery, which is designed to help extend the range and reduce energy consumption.

Charging your electric vehicle is now easier than ever with the BMW iDrive and the My BMW App (optimized for BMW models from 2016 model year and newer in conjunction with the option ConnectedDrive Services and a compatible smartphone), providing you with the locations of thousands of charging stations from coast to coast. Plus, you can now charge from home with the available for purchase home charging accessories such as the BMW Wallbox and
the Flexible Fast Charger.



An extension of the classic BMW Coupé proportions, the BMW i4’s design includes a long wheelbase with short overhangs, an elegant yet sporty roofline, and a strikingly patterned structure which conceals the state-of-the-art sensor technology supplying the vehicle with real-time data. Staying true to the BMW i models, the expressive diffuser elements emerging from below are accentuated with blue trim frame.

When it comes to storage, you do not have to worry about space. The BMW i4 comes with a luggage compartment of 470 litres, a generous size for a Coupé! Plus, folding down the rear bench can expand this storage to up to 1,290 litres.

With such a sleek design and luxurious storage space, it just makes sense that your purely electrifying journey has the option of being combined with the available BMW IconicSounds Electric, which gives the vehicle an orchestral performance. You can have the opportunity to experience a powerful dynamic with clear power-load feedback by driving in SPORT mode, or take a more leisurely drive with COMFORT mode for more balanced acoustics. Plus, ECO PRO mode is available for an added high acoustic comfort without additional sound staging.

The 2022 BMW i4 is more than 100% electric, it’s also 100% green. This means that this model is produced entirely with green energy, giving it exclusive sustainability and a high-performance battery designed to completely avoid rare earth metals. You can drive in style in your BMW i4 knowing that you are saving on the price of gas as well as saving on emissions. Visit your local BMW dealer to find out more about the 2022 BMW i4 and take one for a test drive, or visit online at www.BMW.ca.