Buckle up, the 5th generation of the RX lineup is here. Bold, alluring, and
electrified, the all-new 2023 Lexus RX takes next-level performance and amplifies it to being a powertrain for everyone. The completely reimagined design of the all-new 2023 Lexus RX is more than a concept, it’s a statement. It offers an uncompromising vision of style, luxury, and performance, captivating your gaze with its sleek profile and powerful stance – a true showcase of the next generation of Lexus.

Introducing new powertrains to the Lexus family, this RX is designed for your individuality and make it part of your driving experience. From a 2.4-litre turbocharged in-line, to a 2.5-litre fully electrified powertrain, the RX has undeniable fuel efficiency and effortless horsepower. Lexus RX 500h F SPORT Performance is engineered to take exhilaration to even greater heights, delivering the best possible potential while helping to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

Electrification and Lexus Driving Signature define a torque-forward yet refined and quiet driving experience crafted for an unmatched feel. In the first-ever RX 500h F SPORT Performance, you can use an automatic DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system. It will automatically shift engine power between the front and rear axles, sending as much as 50% of available power to the rear wheels when it is needed. The RX 350h Self-Charging Hybrid Electric also has an electronic all-wheel drive system that features a rear electric motor that delivers instantaneous torque to the rear wheels if you need it.

With three models available (RX 350 AWD, RX 350h AWD, and RX 500h F SPORT Performance), there’s a model that will fit your lifestyle. The RX 500h F SPORT Performance comes equipped with more aggressive styling, exclusive features such as the Adaptive Variable Suspension, and standard customizable drive modes. They allow you to personalize your driving experience to your liking.



The intuition of the Lexus Interface makes you feel like the car is reading your mind. The available Intelligent Assistant can control most features just by voice commands, and gets smarter over time. Available cloudbased navigation allows drivers to have real-time route information and provides up-to-date directions. With an available 14-inch high-resolution touchscreen multimedia display, you can visualize maps and more on your Lexus Interface for an intuitive navigation experience. Plus, the available Profiles feature allows different drivers to customize the settings of their vehicle so that they are differentiated and can go back and forth between cars without needing to change a thing.

The focus of the Lexus RX is to create an inviting and open space while also making it effortless for a driver to get what they want from their car. An ergonomic steering wheel and intuitive control panels that are easily accessible, compliment the environment that is distraction-free for both driver and passenger with the ideal blend of comfort and support. The all-new 2023 Lexus RX’s interior is designed with you in mind, and has many customizable features available, like Thematic Ambient Illumination available with 14 themes and 64 colour combinations, a panoramic glass roof, steering wheel switches, and, as mentioned, a multimedia touchscreen display. This uncompromising humancentered design instills confidence, and the refined proportions honour RX traditions and values.

Not only can you drive in style and comfort, you can also drive with greater peace of mind with standard Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, available Traffic Jam Assist (requires an active Drive Connect trial or paid subscription), and available Advanced Park. With a Lexus, you can have the most comprehensive safety system ever installed. This suite of standard active safety features includes a Pre-Collision System with intersection support technology that is designed to help drivers steer away from potential collisions using Forward Collision Warning. It can provide support while turning left by detecting oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. When turning right it can detect oncoming pedestrians and bicyclists. The system also includes Risk Avoidance Emergency Steer Assist which provides steering assistance when the driver needs it to avoid a collision.

Lexus has a 20-year history as the company to pioneer luxury crossover vehicles. They are excited now to share their newest Lexus vehicle, the all new 2023 RX, which reveals the next chapter in the transformation of the Lexus brand. Visit lexus.ca to reserve your 2023 Lexus RX, arriving this November.

Visit lexus.ca and https://www.lexusofwindsor.com/ to learn more about the 2023 Lexus RX.